Prospective Modeling and Climate Change: Energy & Water issues (6th to 11th November 2023)

The Autumn School on Prospective Modeling and Climate Change: Energy & Water issues, jointly organized by CMA (Centre for Applied Mathematics) Mines Paris – PSL, The Transition Institute 1.5 (TTI.5) and supported by the ETSAP, took place from November 6-11, 2023 at Mines Paris – PSL Campus, Sophia Antipolis (French riviera – Côte d’Azur).

In light of the escalating challenges posed by climate change and the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals, comprehending the intricate relationship between energy usage and water resources became crucial. Climate change intensified the depletion of water sources, directly affecting energy production, distribution, and efficiency.

On the other hand, the energy sector relied heavily on water resources for essential processes, impacting water availability and quality. To tackle these complex dynamics, prospective modeling emerged as a powerful tool, enabling us to gain deeper insights and develop effectively.

The Autumn School targeted young international Ph.D. students, as well as professionals, and was designed to guide them in identifying methodological keys for drawing up energy transition policies compatible with climate and water issues. The overall aim of the Autumn School was to present prospective modeling tools and their use. This year’s focus was on the water-energy nexus challenges.

Hence, this Autumn School aimed to enrich participants’ discourse on this crucial subject. Distinguished experts, researchers, and Ph.D. students gathered to present their groundbreaking work and visionary projects. The program sought to mobilize as many disciplines as possible (covering technical and socio-economic issues) to enable participants to develop a systemic vision of the water-energy nexus challenges.

Please take note that the event spanned five days. The initial three days consisted of informative general lectures, while the remaining two days were dedicated to hands-on practical sessions. (For a more detailed schedule, please refer to the program).

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